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                  0086 757 23395581?
                  FoShan QianCheng Furniture CO.,LTD
                  ABOUT US
                      Foshan Qiancheng Co.,ltd. founded in 2011,  is located in jiujiang Town, Shunde, Guangdong Province. The  town has  always  been  enjoying the fame of the Home of World Furnishing Trading. Our company has integrated the design, production and marketing of the hardware and furniture. We adopt the specialized ERP software to run itself and the elaborate management to its factories. By the means of selecting raw materials, standard production, refined processing and customer satisfaction, our company has achieved the superb combination of products price, quality and customer satisfaction.Company  business  mainly  cover?s  dining  table, dining  chair, tea table, TV  cabinet and  other  advanced stainless  steel furniture,Meanwhile, we have already acquired plenty of cooperation experience with lots of international hotels and engineering enterprises.    Along with rapid development and progress in furniture industry, our company still considers creativity, reliable products, reassured services, teamwork, honesty operation, excellence as our core values. We take creative development as the guideline and run our company by various ways, hoping to be the high-end furniture model at home and abroad. We will  continue to carry forward the furniture  cultural spirits and to enhance the products quality. We are convincing the world  that our company could be the first-class furniture brand with the excellent quality and sincere services.
                  OUR FACTORY