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                  0086 757 23395581?
                  FoShan QianCheng Furniture CO.,LTD
                  ???March 2020 New Trade Festival Online Competition?
                  ????China Internationa Furniture(Guangzhou??
                  The 43rd China Internation Furniture Fair(Guangzhou)?
                  The 24th China Internation Furniture Fair
                  • Q:Whether we can use other Currency besides USD?


                    Yes,you can.We can accept EUR or RMB.Also you can send deposit in RMB,then balance in USD also ok for us.【detailed】

                  • Q:How can I place an order?


                    First you can choose our item on website or in our showroom,let us know the color which you want&Q’ tys of each ?item,then we will send Proforma Invoice to you for sending deposit.【detailed】

                  • Q:What is the shipping Cost?


                    The shipping cost is determind by the destination port,weight,packing size,total CBM of the goods. It is difficult for ?us to quote you the exactly shipping fee without knowing your total quanlity of the order and your destination sea ?port;we will quote you the good shipping cost after you decide the order.【detailed】

                  • Q:How can i get your catalogue and price list?


                    A:Please let us know your email or contact us from website directly for our catalogue and price list;
                    B:You can select the item on our website and advise which items you interest and what price term
                    you would like to be offer ,EXW or FOB?【detailed】