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                  0086 757 23395581?
                  FoShan QianCheng Furniture CO.,LTD
                  OUR SERVICE
                  Based on professional design & production capacity, we provide a complete OEM service system
                  Delivery concept of products and requirements by customer
                  Arrange for production
                  Placing orders and packaging design
                  Placing orders and packaging design
                  More services include :
                  Overall furnishing solution
                  Our professional designer team can make designs according to your drawings or pictures. Also, we offer free sample for project orders.
                  We offer stainless steel products including display shelving, all kinds of indoor furnitures, other interior décors, etc.
                  Overall furnishing solution
                  After sales service
                  Prompt response will be offered for any after-sale problems. Kindly contact us if any missing spare parts or product damages, we will deliver new parts as soon as we can.
                  Quality guarantee
                  All production details are visible to our customers, factory visits or showroom visits are always welcomed. You can also send your own QC for quality check. All your orders will not be shipped out until you approved and agree to load.
                  WE WILL FIGNT
                  For a better experience of browsing through the Internet
                  Stainless steel processing
                  Quality check and packing